May 4, 2017  |  

Regional Training in Africa. Thoughts from Lethu

Change Agents programme experience

It is a privilege to be among young leaders who share the same vision as you do. It is visible that coming from different countries and backgrounds we face different challenges. Change Agents programme has not only taught us more about the YMCA but has also given us a platform to gather our ideas and find ways to deal with them individually and collectively. Coming from different backgrounds we are able to speak the same language of empowering the youth for Africa renaissance. This kind of unity grants us the ability to grow both mentally and spiritually.

The core issues we face are the same; only the results and effects are different. I am grateful to have been part of this amazing group that is aiming to bring about change in this continent. The mission does not end with just bringing change to the continent but it goes as far as bringing about change globally. I have learnt during this training that in whatever implementations we want to bring to our organizations, it is important to know the structures and policies in place.

It is undeniable however that locals will have expectations in terms of producing results, which I am confident enough to say we were well equipped to tackle all the issues we might be facing in the community and country at large. The content of the training was useful in finding strategies of trying to find ways in which we can solve those issues and how to deal with the immediate ones. We are now looking forward to gathering with other continents and see how their issues differ and how we can jointly deal with them.

By: Lethukuthula Shongwe, South Africa