July 10, 2017  |  

Change is continuing!!

The best part about being a volunteer in any particular organisation is that you will experience a lot. But “A lot” is never enough in YMCA; YMCA gives you more than a lot, more than just a new experience; it gives you life changing moments. 

This is a story, a story of how I just said Hello to The Change, or better say, a beginning story of a long-lasting relationship with The Change . 

I am Marjola, a new Change Agent in the army of YMCA Change Agents and Regional Training in France inspired me to never want to be less than a good impact in my community but not only .

It is the first time for YMCA Tirana to be part of Change Agents programme of World YMCA, a programme focused on Youth Empowerment and Leadership. 

50 Agents from about 22 countries were gathered in a 5-days meeting in Avignon, welcomed by Avignon YMCA in France, sharing with each other stories from their YMCA, interacting in group discussions about important issues such as Health, Environment, Youth Employment, Leadership, SDG and attending training sessions, led by  Romulo , Adi , Sophie and Gerald .

This meeting was just the beginning of this programme and other meetings will follow to inspire youths to Be the Change, Communicate the Vision and Inspire Action. 

I am very glad to be part of this programme and sharing 5 days with these amazing people and I am hardly waiting to meet the other agents from all over the world in Portugal soon. 

Now that I am back here in Tirana, I have the energy that its needed to start being a change and motivating other to be the change too, because everybody can. 

New friends, new ideas, stories, inspiration, motivation, memories, new knowledge, emotions and games. What else can be more awesome than these?

By Marjola Kaçani, Albania