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June 6, 2017  |  

America Still Cares and the YMCA can help

The Thursday June 1st decision by President Donald Trump to pull America out of the Paris Climate Agreement was a big shock – and not a big shock. Trump’s election mantra was ‘America First’ – and in the speech he made to accompany his Paris announcement, the message seemed clear that America was going to […] Read more…

May 20, 2017  |  

The YMCA’s role in Climate Empowerment

A  blog by Silke Bölts (at the UNFCCC in Bonn) Many of us know that the COP (Conference of the Parties to the Convention) happens every year. But most people are not aware that there are many more conferences regarding climate action throughout the year. For example the United Nations Conference on Climate Change from […] Read more…

May 17, 2017  |  

Climate Change Conference – a view from the Hong Kong YMCA

This blog was written by Regina from the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong City dynamic and innovative ideas for urban sustainability It’s the first time for me as a delegate from the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong to participate in the Climate Change Conference. Technically, Hong Kong is classified as “Global North”, but the relative […] Read more…

April 30, 2017  |  

What is the connection between peace and climate change?

This blog was written by dedicated World YMCA volunteer and Resource Group for the Environment member Silke Bolts. Do you ever think about the connection between peace and climate change? These two topics are highly interrelated so you should! When we talk about the concept of sustainability, the dimensions of society, environment and economy need […] Read more…

April 6, 2017  |  

Are you the new WG Climate Education leaders ?

YMCA – RGE is establishing a new “Working Group on Climate Education” (WGCEdu). WGCEdu will be a platform for learning and developing climate education material for the YMCA. We are recruiting Working Group leaders.

December 30, 2016  |  

Happy New Year

“So this is Xmas, and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun. And so this is Xmas, I hope you have fun. The near and the dear one, the old and the young.” This is taken from the first verse of John Lennon´s song, ”Happy Xmas (war is over).” […] Read more…

December 17, 2016  |  

Practical ways to save Mother Earth

We are in an era of fast rising need for Climate Change advocacy and have to help educate people around the world on reasons to drastically limit certain actions that bring about damage to the Ozone layer. We know these actions also have a ripple effect on the increasing degree of weather conditions across the […] Read more…

December 11, 2016  |  

Climate Education Now!

Written by Alvin KAN, Co- Coordinator of the World YMCA Resource Group on the Environment Understanding climate change and its impacts is critical because there is a great deal of evidence that human-influenced climate change is the greatest social, political and economic challenge of all time. Attending different climate summits, we have a clear message — […] Read more…

November 24, 2016  |  

Getting involved with the RGE: a homecoming environment

By Ricardo Moyano, RGE member from YMCA Mexico It was 2010 when I got the opportunity to assist at COP16 as part of the World Alliance of YMCAs delegation. Everything began when two young delegates from Europe contacted the Mexican YMCA to know if they were going to participate in this conference. At that point […] Read more…

November 17, 2016  |  

What is the Ocean’s place in COP22?

This blog was written by Laura Scel’autre a YMCA volunteer at COP22 Hi fellow citizen! I’m Laura from YMCA France. I had the chance to participate in COP22 within the YOUNGO delegation and I wanted to share with you a subject close to my mind and my heart. We are living on a blue planet […] Read more…