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Setting the example: YMCA Victoria’s good bye to junk food!

YMCA Victoria has been recognised on the national radio broadcaster with their progress on removing junk food from all YMCA facilities.

After realising they were selling over 14 tonnes of sugar in soft drinks and cooking 10,000kgs of hot ships they decided to fo something about it. With the help of researchers at Deakin University the results are impressive.

More information from Stephen.bendle@ymca.org.au

From ABC Net Australia

When a major recreation organisation wants to transform food policy across all 60 centres in one state, researchers sit up and take notice.

YMCA Victoria realised that, like too many public health outlets, the life they were promoting didn’t match the kiosk take-away they were selling.

It took 10 thousand kilos of hot chips and 14 thousand tonnes of sugar for YMCA Victoria to admit they were living a lie.

So in a world first they decided to change.

The organisation teamed up with Deakin University and Vic Health to monitor and collate data on what removing junk food from their menus would do to consumer behaviour and their financial bottom line.

This transformative three year project has influenced other Victorian services to follow suit and this world first study mounts both a compelling health and business case for a revolution in public health policy.

More at: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/pool/8216528 

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