April 19, 2017  |  

Finnish Schools on the Move – YMCA Heinola as an activator

Finnish Schools on the Move is a national action programme. The programme started in 2010 with 45 pilot schools all over the country. Today, most comprehensive schools in Finland are part of Schools on the Move programme. The programme is carried out by the Finnish National Board of Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture. The programme is financed with lottery funding and coordinated by the LIKES Research Centre for Sport and Health Sciences. (Liikkuva koulu 2017)

YMCA Heinola has successfully been a part of School on the Move in Heinola and have been able to advance the programme. The main idea in school on the move is to get the pupils activated during the school day.  YMCA Heinola operates in almost every elementary school in Heinola offering after school sport activities but also activities during school day. YMCA Heinola activates approximately 150 pupils, during the school day, on a weekly basis. The pupils who participate on the after-school sport and basketball activities are mostly pupils who would not participate if it wasn’t subsumed in to the school day.

Most sport clubs in Finland are run by volunteers. YMCA Heinola has two full-time employees which enables the club to go to schools during school day and in the afternoon to run different sport activities for the elementary school pupils. YMCA Heinola wants to be a part of activating the children and the youth in Heinola. The activities that YMCA Heinola runs consists of 13 different after-school sport clubs and recess activities. Seven of those activities are after-school basketball clubs for first grade pupils and the rest is sports in general. In the fall of 2017 YMCA Heinola is planning to expand the after-school and before school activities to upper comprehensive school as well. The purpose behind all these club activities is to get the children and youth to enjoy sports and get acquainted with healthy and active lifestyle that carries them out through lifetime!




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