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Why you should apply to become part of World YMCAs delegation to COP 23 – a personal statement by Emma Hundertmark

My screen lights up with another message. I try to ignore it and focus on the speakers’ explanation of the graph and the complex questions that follows. I am in the heart of the high-level negotiations of the financial side of the Paris Agreement as one of few observers and I am really trying to take notes so that I can share what’s been discussed at the end of the day. I get another message and my curiosity takes over hand, my focus now broken. I take up my phone, a little annoyed at first and start smiling. The message reads:

“There´s lunch for the delegation in the Green Zone, if anyone could come and pick it up.”

It´s my second week at COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco and my head is spinning with information. I am happy, proud and inspired but also tired to the bone. I reply that I will pick it up and close my laptop to make my way out of the negotiations area and head over to the Green Zone, filled with exhibitions and side events related to climate change and the environment.

What meets me in the Green Zone broadens that initial smile. I am greeted by friends and in the YMCA booth is not only drinks, snacks and sandwiches for our delegation of eight people – but enough food for us to share with other delegations that can´t afford to buy the food inside the conference center but travelled around the world to raise their voices. It hits me that this is another reason why I have become so attached to “my climate heroes”. Every day, the YMCA’s Green Zone team prepared lunch and travelled across town just to make sure that we could full heartedly follow the negotiations and give others the same chance. 

This is only one in a million reasons why I think that you should apply to be part of the YMCA team – either as an accredited delegate, or as part of Camp Climate, or as a part of the Green Zone team. You will be given the chance to be in the heart of the highest level of negotiations – using your voice and meeting others that are doing the same, but you will also meet friends for life and be taken care of in a way that I didn’t think was possible as a part of the world’s largest youth movement.

Your voice matters and we can´t wait to see you!


Apply now to be part of the YMCA-RGE Delegation. Click here

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