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Together we’re strong!

Climate activists from around the world are coming together at COP 23 Fiji! Everyone is a part of the negotiations, because together, we want to find solution for climate change.

For me, a young climate activist, COP 23 an overwhelming experience. Being part of an international, global network and feeling the atmosphere of decampment to a positive and hopeful future.  Sometimes, negotiators here may discuss whether there should be a point or a comma in their agreements. Sometimes, I hear some abbreviations that I have never heard before. And I, in the middle of this crowded pavilion, am wishing to see a change.

You may wish: water is not being privatised anymore; everyone has enough food; and hurricane would not have taken place. You may also wonder: if the parties are coming to a decision or if there are only empty words; if we would be able to stop hunger, droughts or hurricanes; and if we can make change.

I think it starts with us. For example, we can use public transport instead of private car. We can be more climate-conscious when we have meals -selecting regional and biological products. There are many more things we can do.

Climate change is colourful and bright. It’s creative and ambitious. Here, I have the opportunity to be part of a demonstration, to uplift our voice in the crowd. Here, the YMCA – RGE team demonstrate to people that how we can all be a part of the movement.   I am personally giving my best possible to protect mother EARTH! Together we’re strong!


Yara Küng

YMCA Switzerland

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Alvin Kan

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