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Day 1 at COP23 Fiji – The Youth Day

After months of preparation we are finally in Bonn for COP23. Towards actually being here, we have been working and planning from different sides of the world. Now, some of us have travelled very far and some have spent days on a train through Europe. Here we have a busy Camp Climate and an international delegation to the conference.


Although this COP takes place in Germany, it is hosted by Fiji. This it is the first time a pacific country hosts the negotiations and you can really feel the spirit here. Fiji, and other small island countries, are particularly vulnerable to climate change and are already experiencing severe impacts. I hope that this presence will help to bring the feeling of urgency that is truly necessary at the negotiations.


Today COP starts off, and it is also a particularly important day as it is “Youth Day”. Though this is a topic we engage in everyday, it is great to have a whole day for conversations about youth involvement. Themes that are being discussed today are for example empowerment for climate action, local and national youth initiatives and climate change education. We have learned about, and shared our experiences regarding, how to give youth tools to be climate action leaders.


At this COP, several initiatives have contributed to a stronger presence of youth from Fiji and other small island states. It has been particularly interesting to meet these youth leaders and listen to their stories.  During the events today we have learned a lot about the different challenges that youth in small island states are facing regarding for example education, gender and food security. After today, I feel really inspired and looking forward to learn more.


During the next two weeks, so much will be going on here at COP23, and we really want to share this with you all. Make sure you follow our Instagram and Twitter (see links below), and keep an eye on this blog. Not to miss will be our daily updates through Facebook Live at World YMCAs Facebook page. Sending this live is something new for us and we are really excited!


We would love to hear from you through our social media, and you are more than welcome to ask us questions regarding COP, climate change, youth involvement, the environment or anything else related to what we are doing here.


I wish you all a great week!


YMCA Volunteer from Sweden





Alvin Kan
Alvin Kan

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