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Let’s all step up for climate action!

This is my reflections after one week at COP23. When I first stepped in at the Climate Activist Zone of COP23 in Bonn, the first thing that caught my attention was the colourful printed banner of the UNESCO Pavilion “Change your mind-not the climate”.

Standing in this huge but still quiet hall where more than 25,000 people were expected to pass by within the two weeks of COP 23, I got really motivated by reading this few but powerful words. I knew that the climate negotiations, which would be led by politicians from more than 190 countries, were crucial for reaching the common goal of keeping global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees. Reading and hearing about climate change in the media could sometimes give me the feeling of powerlessness in facing such big challenge. However, reading those words on the banner gave me the confidence, inspiration and motivation that each of us can contribute to fight climate change through our actions. The experience of the past six days at the COP23 has fostered me on this conviction.

All around the conference site, there are many actions in which young people stand up and raise their voice. Some of our YMCA Camp Climate delegates actively stepped up for climate action in front of the conference rooms to raise attention.

On day 5 of COP 23, the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who is advocating for the protection of the environment for many years, was key speaker at one of the side events. In his presentation, he made very clear that we are at a turning point. Civil society and volunteerism are essential for reaching the common goals of the Paris Agreement.   Raising awareness of climate issues and change the mind of people around us is one important thing that we should do in our everyday life.  Let´s get started right away!


Carina Rösch
Referentin Aktion Hoffnungszeichen

Executive Secretary for Signs of Hope


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Alvin Kan
Alvin Kan

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