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Increasing climate change awareness- a perspective from Mongolia

By Tsomo Dagvadorj, RGE volunteer

I have come from Mongolia to join the YMCA delegation at COP22 Marrakesh and I would like to share my experience about how I have increased my knowledge and awareness about climate change, as it has brought me here.

For six months, I have studied successfully a climate change online e- learning course organized by APAY YMCA and I learned a lot about the causes and effects of climate change.  I have also attended a conference named “Regional Climate Change” which was held in Thailand. There were so many youth representatives from Korea, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Macao, Bangladesh and many other countries.


In the conference we discussed lots of issues such as gender, tourism and food and water security. Most importantly, we ourselves as human beings became more aware about how we are creating and impacting the effects of climate change. This has resulted in that all participants have increased our understanding on how important it is that we change our life styles.

Besides, we visited Sao Hin Energy Learning Center where we gained practical knowledge on different aspects of environmental protection, about various types of energy we use in our daily life, energy efficient appliances and reusing and recycling materials.

A lot of the participants wrote project programs and organized events about the education training and activities of climate change. Some of them wrote about energy and environmental management system.

This was a great opportunity for us to learn from each other and share our difficulties in pursuing our studies. I also gained many ideas, for example I want establish a “Climate Change Educational Center” in my country, which runs the same types of activities as mentioned. Being at COP22 with YMCA has further empowered me to do something like this.

I hope sharing my experience can be useful for others that want to increase their own and others awareness of climate change.

Our RGE team!

Our RGE team!








Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts
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