November 16, 2016  |  

Education day: activism and high-level meetings

The days of climate action at the conference are full of contrasts, in this blogpost we get to follow Vindar during education day this Monday. As he was moving between activism and high-level political meetings.

“The Fossil Freeze Action”.

Suddenly at the sound of a whistle, a large group of youth and indigenous peoples froze in their step. As they were standing perfectly still the usually hectic conference center came to a stop. A speaker started chanting and as the group repeated the message the atmosphere shifted.

We were a part of the group calling for global political action on fossil fuel elimination. Many journalists and social media experts were covering our action which means that we were successful in communicating the urgent need for stronger political action to move away from fossil fuels. This is how we make pressure and we expect our politicians to act.

“A Formal High-Level Event on Education”

At the door Romulo and I were welcomed by the Princess of Morocco herself. Patricia Espinosa (Executive Secretary of UNFCCC) was there to officially hand over the guidelines to support the implementation of environmental education to the General Secretary of UNESCO, Irina Bokova. The list of high-level people goes on and on…


-Selfie with Irina Bodarenko

The discussions concerned the relationship between education and climate change. What I took with me was that the panelists did not only emphasise how to successfully scale up the implementation but also focused on the content of environmental education.

The panelists expressed the value of teaching about  sustainable lifestyles, which is required in order to reach a global transition to a more sustainable way of life. This was also underlined by promoting the fact that the most educated people on earth are the ones with the largest carbon footprint. As one of the high-level panelists said “Change minds, not climate”.

Being a delegate at COP is about finding a balance of putting effort in your work and find things that empowers yourself. By using our bodies in creative actions together with other activists I am strengthened in my commitment to the climate justice movement. I believe it is through this movement that we will put pressure on politicians and create a just future for all. 

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