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Education Day at COP23: Only 68 countries have climate change in the curricular!

Did you know that only 40% of the countries require climate education in the school curricular? School is supposed to prepare us for our future. Education in climate change and its solutions is a vital part of solving the crisis. Without an educated future generation, who will know what to do?

On Education Day at COP23, we have actually seen the parole given to representatives of future generation. A 15-year-old girl talked about the shortcomings in climate education. She told us that not only is it not obligatory, neither has its quality reaches the requirement. For example, the climate zones that are described in the books are outdated. Despite global warming has changed the local climate, those outdated zones remain as standards to students to understand the happening of floods and hurricanes. At another side of the room, a 14-year-old boy took part of a panel about youth projects and international co-operation at his school, which demonstrates that we can have better climate education.

Panel on Climate Education at COP23

Climate education has to be made more accessible. There is a need to integrating climate education to mainstream the information and make it relevant in all subjects. In particular, there is a need to teach people about the science involved, the possible solution to climate change and our individual responsibilities. By doing so, we will learn the behavioral change as part of life. To understand the extent of climate change, we have to be given the knowledge and the tools to fight it.

Continuous education is required for decision makers and general public is essential, especially to acquire sufficient knowledge on the subject to know the urgency of the question.

Build sustainable and resilient schools is necessary when we see more frequent and severe natural disasters. We have to build our schools with strong materials and in safe area. We have to find resilient ways so that education can be continued. Furthermore, young people should be given more opportunity to speak at COP.  There are youth people who have gone through a long way to educate themselves about climate change. There are young people claiming their rights for our future.

Education Day at COP23We may have kept in our mind that Climate Change is yet “coming”. In fact, Climate Change is affecting us NOW. Such misconception may be caused by outdated information in textbooks of education curriculum. The Pacific Warriors has a saying: “the future was yesterday”. How come we do not educate the present generation of what is happening around and how we can solve it? We need Climate Education that is obligatory to everyone.


Sofia Bjersér
Sweden YMCA




Alvin Kan
Alvin Kan

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