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Cass – New Communications Officer for RGE!

Kia Ora,

My name is Cassandra Troman, (you can call me Cass) I am writing this blog to introduce myself as the new Communications Officer for the RGE. I have never been particularly good at talking about myself so I will keep this blog relatively brief.

I am originally from a small town at the top of the South Island of New Zealand called Nelson. I grew up spending a lot of time outside as we lived close to a national park known for its great hiking trails beautiful bays for kayaking. I attended University in a slightly bigger city still in the South Island of NZ called Christchurch (which is where I still live now) and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in political science. During my degree I filled my timetable with a whole lot of extra papers including environmental and human geography and geology papers. My upbringing and my time at university has created a passion for protecting our natural environments. I would love to think that generations after mine will also have the opportunity to grow up in an environment where respecting nature is highly valued.

My journey with the YMCA started in 2009, the year after I finished high school. I worked as a Camp Counsellor at the YMCA Camp of Maine in the United States. During my last year at University I was selected as part of an internship programme to do a work placement at the Christchurch YMCA. My role was to create an archive and write a historic report for the 150th anniversary of the Christchurch YMCA. During this archive process I fell in love with the YMCA, the work it has done and how it has continued to change in order to stay relevant to the community for the last 150 years. After I completed my internship I was offered a job at the Christchurch YMCA in their childcare department. Over the last 4 years my role has changed and grown. I am currently the Manager of Youth Development Services. I have been incredibly lucky in the last 4 years to have been able to connect into the Global YMCA movement through the Change Agent programme and most recently through a staff placement at the World YMCA office.

My involvement with the RGE has been relatively limited but last year during my World YMCA staff placement I was able to attend Camp Climate. This experience opened my eyes to the incredible work this resource group is doing and so when this opportunity to be more involved came up it was an easy choice to apply.   I am looking forward to supporting this resource group in any way I can and hopefully also using my skills in communications to increase visibility of all the fantastic work happening.

I was also asked to include in this blog some information about my own personal environmental passions. As I mentioned above I am passionate about protecting our natural environments that provide spaces for people to interact in a positive way with nature. I am a firm believer in the benefits of having experiences in the outdoors as part of education and I think there is a need for greater environmental education. I also believe the YMCA and other organisations in the NGO sector could be a perfect fit for being able to deliver engaging and insightful environmental education.

I will finish my blog here, I am so looking forward to being more involved. If there is any way I can support what you are doing within the RGE working groups don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Until next time….



Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts
There are few professions where you get to make a real difference, impacting individuals, families and communities on a global scale. The YMCA has given me so many opportunities - organizing soccer camps in Haiti, teen leaders programs in Zimbabwe, helping to develop cancer survivor exercise opportunities in America. The Y is so much more.

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