Camp Climate


The YMCA believes young people should be given opportunities to learn and advocate on environmental issues and that every young person has the ability to contribute to reducing environmental degradation and its consequences.

Young People are one of the main stakeholders of decisions taken at those conferences but often are not able to fully integrate and influence them. In order to guarantee their presence and Influence, the World YMCA hosts “Camp Climate”  – A safe space dedicated to young people for coordinated advocacy action, capacity building and networking during International Environmental Negotiations (COPs)

The programme in Camp Climate will include capacity building, simulation of COP negotiations, Social media hub, coordination meetings and briefings for young delegates accredited to COP and support for engagement with civil society events in Marrakech for those who do not have accreditation.

Participants of Camp Climate do not need to be specialists on Climate Change issues but to have the genuine desire of becoming climate activists.  Youth and Youth Organisations from all over the world can take part in the Camp Climate activities or use it as a platform for environmental/climate change advocacy on an international level. Camp Climate is an affordable and safe place to stay during COP 22 in Marrakech. Participating organisations help to co-create elements of the programme and can lead sessions, workshops and share their work with others. The necessary space, equipment and assistance is provided free of charge.

Camp Climate is also fun. Participants are invited to take part in this cultural experience, excursions and to build friendship across cultures and nations.

In 2015, during COP 21, nearly 400 young leaders from over 50 countries and 30 different organisations took part in Camp Climate, making it a success. Camp Climate also aims to mainstream the voice of youth out of COYs (Conference of youth) and strengthen the work of YOUNGO, the constituency of youth non-governmental organisations.