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Are you the new WG Climate Education leaders ?

YMCA – RGE is establishing a new “Working Group on Climate Education” (WGCEdu). It is one of the goals of YMCA-RGE to provide learning opportunities around environmental issues, in order to develop and mobilise young leaders for initiatives reducing environmental degradation and promoting sustainable development.

WGCEdu will be a platform for learning and developing climate education material for the YMCA. The first task of the WG leaders is to run an online e-learning programme on climate education in mid 2017.

We are recruiting one (or maximum two) Working Group leaders.

Tenure : May 2017 – May 2018
Job description :
1) Lead climate education webinars with the material provided on “APAY E-learning platform on Climate Change  –  http://apay-elearning.org
2) Provide climate education to attendees at Camp Climate
3) Support the preparation of content for the climate education programme at Innovation Camp
4) Communicate with World YMCA staff and RGE Coordinators at General Meetings and WG meetings
5) Develop climate education material for the YMCA

Deadline of Application : 21 April 2017

Application form :

Any questions? Please contact RGE at marcris@ymca.int


Alvin Kan
Alvin Kan

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