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A call to join us at COP22

COP 22

The YMCA-RGE Working group on the Conference of the Parties (WGCOP) has been participating and representing the World YMCA at different climate summits organized by the United Nations,World Bank, IMF and other international institutions. Our work as the largest organization that focuses on youth empowerment is to ensure the inclusion of youth voices.

We strongly believe that the YMCA, as a world movement that works to empower young people, has a voice and a strong message to send around the world from a local, grassroots, youth focused level. As young Y volunteers we attend different summits with a clear message: gender equality, future generations rights and the necessity to enhance climate change education at all levels with public access.

We participated in the historic Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) with the largest global youth delegation in attendance. We had YMCA members from most parts of the world including Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Our delegation worked nonstop during two intense weeks, building on previous hard work that had taken many years. And now we are coming back to participate in COP22 with the same energy and also with new young members.


The next Climate Change Conference, COP 22, will take place November 7-18th in Marrakech, Morocco. The World YMCA is going to be there! We will be represented by youth from all over the world who have been participating during the last year in our online platform, discussing and generating ideas about how we as a world movement can be part of the solution, combating climate change.

That is why we want to make sure that the voices of the youth are heard and we have provided an opportunity to our members to join us on this incredible adventure. We want to ensure a global vision collecting perspectives from all in our global movement. Having YOUR voice in our delegation would be fantastic! Not all of us have to have a vast amount of expertise on climate change. What we need is the energy and ideas to make some change. We hope that you want to take action and join us in this adventure. We are sure that all of us can learn from each other without leaving anyone behind.

If you are interested you are more than welcome to join us this July 28th, 2016 for our introductory meeting of the WGCOP at 22.00 GMT+2. Just click here  and we will see you there!

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Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts
There are few professions where you get to make a real difference, impacting individuals, families and communities on a global scale. The YMCA has given me so many opportunities - organizing soccer camps in Haiti, teen leaders programs in Zimbabwe, helping to develop cancer survivor exercise opportunities in America. The Y is so much more.

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