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New Employment Initiative in Africa.

On 18 August, The YMCA’s in Africa launched a revolutionary 3-month career campaign dubbed ‘careermanenoz’ – an annual drive that targets young men and women of all religions. The campaign will culminate in a two day expo; the ‘Career Expo and Beyond’ slated for 25-26 November 2016.

While presiding over the event, the Chairman of the Youth Enterprise Board, Ronald Osumba, hailed the campaign as pivotal in guiding young people to make improved career choices and excel in their chosen professions. “I acknowledge the Africa Alliance of YMCAs for spearheading this drive. Empowering youth to make the right career choices is critical in bolstering Kenya’s growth. Young people need guidance. They need direction as they make career choices,” he said.

According to AAYMCA’s General Secretary, Carlos Sanvee, the campaign and the November expo will go beyond looking at the conventional white collar careers to accommodate careers in the creative economy including craftsmanship, and the arts. “Youth are the engine of any nation. We need to broaden our approach as we guide them in career choices. Many young people nowadays derive their livelihoods from careers in the creative economy and sports. We need to appreciate this,” he said.

According to Jared Musima, the National General Secretary of Kenya YMCA, through the campaign and the YMCA’s ‘Career Expo and Beyond!’ programme, YMCAs will work with partners to ensure follow up and support to targeted young people. “Youth will be assimilated into the different Youth Empowerment Spaces hosted by the YMCAs countrywide for ongoing mentoring, coaching, interaction, support and handholding,” Musima said.

The YMCA will offer entrepreneurial training and business start-up support, ongoing career and peer support, and youth friendly holistic development through the application of the Subject to Citizen (S2C) approach that is founded on self-knowledge, unlocking potential, and connecting to opportunity.

Source: AAYMCA


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