June 21, 2017  |  

The Confidence in me

I must admit, my journey began when I came across young people from diverse backgrounds in Africa who are desperate for change like me; it gave me hope and strength to build my self-confidence because I’ve always had problems with self-confidence. I had little idea on the kind of Africa I wanted but I did not know how to cultivate that kind of Africa. Generally speaking, I have come to realized African nations have similar challenges. Coming from the Change Agents Regional Training in Togo, I feel more up to the task to create more change agents who will foster grass root change. My head is filled with resourceful information, which has built my confidence and will help transform our generation of young people.

As a Change Agent, I feel an obligation and not a title to reach out to over thousands of young people with the change Agent philosophy. The Change Agent regional training in Togo was very inspiring and informative; I now know Change begins with me. This training has given me the self-confident I need to take ownership of my continent. I feel greater pride to be an African and I feel there is something unique about this Cotenant.

I commit to work with local youth councils in all counties in Liberia where the YMCA is to communicate the vision of the YMCA and the Change Agent program to inspire positive actions that will foster youth participation in the Africa we all invasion. I have come to realize Africa is not the trees, the land or the infrastructure, “Africa is us and our greatest resources”, Carlos Sanvee, General Secretary of African Alliance of YMCAs. “Is us refers to the youth. If we must get the Africa we want, we must work to cultivate Leadership, which will produce that Africa. Currently, the confidence in me is strong, it has a focus, it is active for life, it is strategic. The confidence in me will make a difference.

By Lawrence S. Dolo Jr

Liberia YMCA