November 24, 2016  |  

Getting involved with the RGE: a homecoming environment

By Ricardo Moyano, RGE member from YMCA Mexico It was 2010 when I got the opportunity to assist at COP16 as part of the World Alliance of YMCAs delegation. Everything began when two young delegates from Europe contacted the Mexican YMCA to know if they were going to participate in this conference. At that point […] Read more…

November 18, 2016  |  

COP 22 – Meeting with the German Delegation

These are some reflections from our German representatives, Silke and Stefanie as they met with their country officials. Silke and I had the chance to meet the German environmental minister Barbara Hendricks in Marrakech together with other German youth NGOs. It long seemed like Germany was going to go to Marrakech with an ambitious long […] Read more…

November 16, 2016  |  

Education day: activism and high-level meetings

The days of climate action at the conference are full of contrasts, in this blogpost we get to follow Vindar during education day this Monday. As he was moving between activism and high-level political meetings. “The Fossil Freeze Action”. Suddenly at the sound of a whistle, a large group of youth and indigenous peoples froze […] Read more…

November 15, 2016  |  

Increasing climate change awareness- a perspective from Mongolia

By Tsomo Dagvadorj, RGE volunteer I have come from Mongolia to join the YMCA delegation at COP22 Marrakesh and I would like to share my experience about how I have increased my knowledge and awareness about climate change, as it has brought me here. For six months, I have studied successfully a climate change online […] Read more…

November 15, 2016  |  

It´s all about the money

Written by YMCA volunteer Emma Hundertmark It´s easy to feel both disoriented and overwhelmed at the conference. The venue itself is so large that the ones attending it get a good daily workout running from one meeting to the next. And oh how we run! There is so much happening at the same time. The […] Read more…

November 11, 2016  |  

YMCA: Platform for Young People and Advocacy at COP22

By Otto Vainio from Finland; Delegate in the inside team at COP22, and also member of the Executive Committee of World Alliance of YMCAs Despite the quite cliché topic of this article (and the following proverbs), we as a matter of fact walk the talk, practice what we preach and, the most important and empowering part […] Read more…

November 9, 2016  |  

First days of COP22 from a youth delegate perspective

By Emma Hundertmark – YMCA Volunteer at COP22 A year has passed since the mythical closing of COP21 in Paris and now the world’s eyes have turned to Marrakech and the next act of the Paris Agreement. A lot has happened since the world’s leaders shook each other’s hands and cheered at COP21, celebrating what was seen […] Read more…

November 9, 2016  |  

No control!

We have all woken up today to some surprising news from the USA, which will without a doubt impact discussions on climate change in the years to come. On a lighter note though, what I want to share with you in this blog is the excitement of being at Camp Climate and watching Youth Empowerment […] Read more…

November 9, 2016  |  

A day at COP with Synnøve

Synnøve is one of our delegates at COP 22 and shared the story of her day! Watch and share this intense day!

November 8, 2016  |  

Rain, long lines and inspiring debates! A day at COP

Rain, long lines and inspiring debates. Day 1 of Camp Climate was a great example of all of the challenges of travelling in a foreign country where no matter how well planned you are things are bound to change. We started the morning in our beautiful hostel all excited for the day with plans of […] Read more…