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June 21, 2017  |  

The Confidence in me

I must admit, my journey began when I came across young people from diverse backgrounds in Africa who are desperate for change like me; it gave me hope and strength to build my self-confidence because I’ve always had problems with self-confidence. I had little idea on the kind of Africa I wanted but I did […] Read more…

June 21, 2017  |  

YMCA is a safe place for Children and Young People – Safety Policy released.

World YMCA have recently developed and adopted the Safeguarding Children and Young People policy. This policy aims to make World YMCA an even safer place for children and young people. The policy, which aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, outlines staff and volunteer’s code of conduct when working and […] Read more…

May 4, 2017  |  

Youth and the 21st Century by Jeffrey Shihembetsa

It always amuses me the way governing systems view youth as a burden rather than a treasure. The way quick fixes are applied to issues affecting youth without they themselves been consulted or empirical data been applied only worsens the issues. The YMCA led One Million Voices research project interviewed young people, identifying issues they […] Read more…

May 4, 2017  |  

Meet Setúbal, Portugal the Global Gathering 1A Site

Here you find a video of the city of Setúbal, the host of the Global Gathering 1A for Change Agents.

May 4, 2017  |  

Regional Training in Africa. Thoughts from Lethu

Change Agents programme experience It is a privilege to be among young leaders who share the same vision as you do. It is visible that coming from different countries and backgrounds we face different challenges. Change Agents programme has not only taught us more about the YMCA but has also given us a platform to […] Read more…

April 19, 2017  |  

Finnish Schools on the Move – YMCA Heinola as an activator

Finnish Schools on the Move is a national action programme. The programme started in 2010 with 45 pilot schools all over the country. Today, most comprehensive schools in Finland are part of Schools on the Move programme. The programme is carried out by the Finnish National Board of Education and the Ministry of Education and […] Read more…